Logo animation
Animate a logo is a fantastic way to make people remember your brand.
Eye catching and unique animations that can tell a story only in a few seconds.
They are a great way to start a presentation and promote your company.
Informational Video
Animated infographics and short videos to promote companies or specific services,
explaining multiple concepts in an easy and fun way.
Published across social media platforms and websites.
Slim is the new Smart!
Slim Winkle is a wellness shop that sells vented plant-based products to the US,
including functional mushrooms lines.
The videos are made to inform and to advertise specific supplement packages
to different targets. They've been published in the official website and on social media.
Taking Virtual Training to the Next Level
WRKOUT helps trainers to elevate their brand and people to find their best match
for in-person and online training.
The video advertises the app and explains the main functionalities.
This is one of 5 videos made for the launch campaign on social media.

Introducing The Desire Project by MINDCURE

MINDCURE’s research into  female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) 
brings together a team of experts in sexual disorders and psychedelics to drive
clinical outcomes and promote female sexual desire using MDMA.

This video is part of a campaign to promote the project and has been published
around social media platforms.

Digital Therapeutics & the Promise of Revolutionary Mental Health Care

Digital therapeutics help optimize mental health care by providing a more in-depth and user-friendly view into client status. For clinicians, access to client-data can enhance assessment accuracy and treatment efficacy.
The video informs about the possibilities of digital therapeutics
while promoting MINDCURE's new platform for clinicians.
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